A Queen of a New Invention:
Portraits of Lady Jane Grey Dudley,
England's Nine Days Queen
     This website was begun late in 2005 in part in an effort to make my published article on a portrait in the Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge, UK) more widely available. Over the course of the next ten years, I continued conducting extensive research in an attempt to locate a portrait of Jane Grey that was mentioned in the historical record very shortly after her death. As I studied a particular painting, I posted my findings on this site under the “Portraits” heading, with each painting getting its own page. By 2014, the number of paintings studied had reached almost three dozen and the research seemed at an end. That material has now been removed and entirely re-written and published as a book.

     The material that remains accessible here under “Portraits” either has already been published in an academic journal (the Wrest Park Portrait), was not known to me until after publication (the South Carolina Portrait), or will not be included in the book (Other Portraits).

     The material formerly included under “Portraits” can now be found in a new book, A Queen of a New Invention: Portraits of Lady Jane Grey Dudley, England’s Nine Days Queen (Old John Publishing, 2015). That volume examines over two dozen portraits, four of which having never before been published or studied by art historians. A couple of previously ‘lost’ portraits have also been located and studied for the first time by any historian in more than half a century. An appendix er-examines the autneticity of the well-known account of Jane’s ceremonial entry into the Tower of London on 10 July 1553, relied upon by virtually every historian since 1910 for its description of Jane’s physical appearance. A second appendix details my efforts to locate a number of portraits that remain lost.
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  From the back cover:  
Queen Jane remains the only English monarch of the past five centuries for whom no genuine portrait is known to have survived. Dozens of images have been put forward over those five centuries, but none has yet been conclusively authenticated. Neither has any comprehensive academic study of the iconography of Jane Grey Dudley ever been previously undertaken or published.

Now, through almost a decade of research leading up to this volume, twenty-nine surviving portrait-images said to depict Jane have been carefully and systematically sought out, analyzed, and contextualized in an effort to determine whether any of them may be a reliable likeness. A handful of additional paintings all now lost are also discussed in detail. Finally, the single written account of Jane’s physical appearance, an account upon which historians have relied over the past century, is analyzed for its own authenticity.
J. Stephan Edwards holds a Ph.D. in Early Modern British History from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His Ph.D. dissertation was a biographical study of Jane Grey Dudley that situated her in the rapidly-changing social, cultural, political, and religious milieu of the sixteenth century. His investigation of the iconography of Jane began as an attempt to suitably illustrate his dissertation, but it rapidly evolved into a separate narrowly-focused study of portraits held in both public and private collections on three continents. Select portions of his research and findings on the subject of Jane Grey Dudley have previously been published by both popular and academic presses.
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