Lady Jane Grey’s Prayer Book

British Library Harley Manuscript 2342
     This page originally contained an illustrated transcription of the Lady Jane Grey’s prayer book in its entirety. That content has since been removed and is instead now incorporated into a printed volume.

     In the new printed book, each page of the original manuscript is depicted in full color and at actual size, and each image is accompanied by a precise transcription of the text, together with a rendering of that text in modern English. An Introduction places the prayer book in its full historical context and also offers a brief biographical sketch of the Lady Jane Grey.

     It is hoped that the book will be a valuable resource for scholars of religion, of the Reformation, and of women’s devotional literature. It may also serve as an inspirational text for modern persons of faith, one which carries a compelling association with one of the first of the Marian martyrs from the early years of the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century.

Fully Illustrated and Transcribed

with an Introduction by J. Stephan Edwards, Ph.D.
Full-color printing on premium paper
336 pages
284 manuscript images
9 additional illustrations
Includes a Bibliography and an Index
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