Portraits of Lady Jane Grey Dudley, England’s ‘Nine Days Queen’

Announcing the publication on 12 February 2024 of a Revised Edition of my book on the portraiture (or ‘iconography,’ in art history terminology) of Jane Grey Dudley!

Available now worldwide through Amazon and other online retailers!

The revised edition includes:

  • A revised introduction that reflects my latest thinking on the succession crisis of 1553
  • An update on the Jersey Portrait that sold at auction in June 2023
  • Two additional portraits, the eBay Portrait and the South Carolina Portrait, that each came to auction after the original edition was published in 2015.
  • New evidence from the recently re-emerged Berry Hill Portrait together with a revision of my analysis of that portrait and the others of the Berry Hill Type
  • Reformatted interior text layout
  • Shorter title
  • Updated cover design
  • 31 full-color plates
  • A total of over 100 full-color illustrations



Lady Jane Grey’s Prayer Book

The prayer book that Lady Jane Grey carried with her to the scaffold on the day of her execution on 12 February 1554, now part of the British Library’s collection as Harley Manuscript 2342.