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is now celebrating its 10th Anniversary!!!

And to mark the occasion, it has gotten a complete facelift!

    This site was begun in the autumn of 2005 in an effort to make my first published article more widely available. That article analyzed a potential portrait of Lady Jane Grey Dudley that appeared in History Today in December 2005. And it all grew from there! I began adding primary source material on the subject of Lady Jane Grey that was not otherwise readily available online at that time. Then came primary and secondary source bibliographies on the same subject. By early 2007, I had begun working in earnest seeking to locate a documented but now lost authentic portrait of Lady Jane. That research produced two more articles along the way and culminated in the publication of my first book, A Queen of a New Invention: Portraits of Lady Jane Grey Dudley, England's Nine Days Queen.

     Over the years, I have also been asked to comment on a wide variety of objects that supposedly once belonged to Jane Grey. Those articles are all gathered here under the category “Other Thoughtful Things.” That section also includes some material not directly related to the subject of Jane Grey, as outlined below.

     Past and regular vistiors to the site will notice a lot of changes. Some of them may require updating of your bookmarks or “Favorite” tags. But I have tried to be very careful not to alter the URLs of the various main pages so that you can still access those. Only the secondary pages may have new names, but they should now be much easier to locate following the addition at the top of every page of a navigation bar with drop-down menus.

     Please let me know what you think of the new design by using the Contact option in the navigation bar. And please do point out any typographical errors or page malfunctions!
And now onward into the next 10 years!
Lady Jane Grey Dudley

England’s ‘Nine Days Queen’ of July 1553
    This site continues to deal primarily with Lady Jane Grey, who reigned as uncrowned Queen of England for just nine days in July 1553 before being overthrown by Mary Tudor. Jane Grey was the subject of my doctoral dissertation when I took my Ph.D. in British History in 2007. It is a subject to which I have devoted myself as an independent research historian. 

    This site also contains a growing amount of material born of my own ‘grey matter’ and relating to other topics, including objects believed by their owners to have once belonged to Jane Grey, one man’s amusing theory that Lady Jane’s execution was staged and that she was secretly pardoned and went on to write the works now attributed to William Shakespeare, my take on what it is to be a historian, my rant on one of my pet peeves (the modern misuse of the word “professional”), my analysis of a set of ancient Latin poems said to have been the orgin of the modern acrostic puzzle, and an article from the period when I lived in San Francisco and was active in the gay community there.

    When the need arises in future, I will restore to this page the section alerting regular visitors to any new material added to the site. For now, the above anniversary announcement and re-design of the site is the only current “NEW” to report.

    As always, thanks for visting and feel free to use the new CONTACT form if you have any questions you would like to pose, whether in relation to Lady Jane Grey or some other topic in history.
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